First Christian Church
 Open Hearts, Open Minds, An Open Table
 224 West Dryden, Odessa MO 64076*  816-633-7726*  
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Our congregation is associated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a denomination which began as a movement for unity on the American frontier.  We seek to be a unifying force in the universal Christian church, reaching across doctrinal differences to find wholeness in the Holy Spirit.  We are a church which holds no creeds, seeing that creeds often create conflict and disunity.  Instead we hold our members to a high standard of working out our faith individually, while remaining respectful of the journey of others.  As part of our commitment to unity we practice the following:

Open Communion: Communion is central to our worship, as evidenced by our denominational symbol of the red chalice; and is practiced weekly.  We believe that God sets the table for all God's children.  Any who hunger are welcome to join in this weekly celebration of God's love and forgiveness.


Adult Baptism: We invite those who are old enough to make a choice for Christianity to celebrate baptism.  In our commitment to hospitality, though, we accept baptism rituals from any tradition, whether offered to an adult or an infant.

"Come to me, all you 

who are weary and heavy burdened, 

and I will give you rest..."

Matthew 11: 28